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68W Advanced Field Craft: Combat Medic Skills

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    ISBN: 9780763786595
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United States Army

The Combat Medic of today is the most technically advanced ever produced by the United States Army. Such an advanced technician requires an advanced teaching and learning system. 68W Advanced Field Craft is the first textbook designed to prepare the Combat Medic for today’s challenges in the field.

The ability to save lives in war, conflicts, and humanitarian inventions requires a specific skill set. Today’s Combat Medic must be an expert in emergency medical care, force health protection, limited primary care, evacuation, and warrior skills. 68W Advanced Field Craft combines complete medical content with dynamic features to support instructors and to prepare Combat Medics for their missions.

Features & Benefits
  • Chapter Objectives – At the beginning of each chapter, the 68W learning objectives are listed.
  • Casualty Assessment Flowchart – A quick and easy-to-use visual reference of the highly-specialized assessment process that Combat Medics must use in the field.
  • Skill Drills – Skill Drills provide written step-by-step explanations and visual summaries of important skills and procedures.
  • Vital Vocabulary – Vocabulary Terms are easily identified and defined within the text. A comprehensive list follows each chapter.
  • Field Medical Care Tips – These tips provide practical advice for Combat Medics to use in the field.
  • You are the Combat Medic – Each chapter contains a case study to help Combat Medics think about what they might do if they encountered a similar case in the field. The case study introduces the soldier and follows the soldier’s progress from the situational assessment to evacuation. The soldier’s Field Medical Card is provided to give the Combat Medic a quick visual summary of the soldier’s condition. This feature is a valuable learning tool that encourages critical thinking skills.
  • Aid Kit – End-of-chapter activities reinforce important concepts and improve comprehension:
  1. Review for Review – Thoroughly summarizes the chapter content.
  2. Vital Vocabulary – Provides key terms and definitions from the chapter.
  3. Combat Medic in Action – Promotes critical thinking through the use of case studies and learning retention questions.
Table of Contents
Section  Battlefield Care  
  Chapter  Tactical Combat Casualty Care  
  Chapter  Casualty Assessment  
  Chapter  Airway Management  
  Chapter  Controlling Bleeding and Traumatic Shock   
  Chapter  Injuries of the Thorax   
  Chapter  Abdominal Injuries   
  Chapter  Head Injuries  
  Chapter  Musculoskeletal Emergencies  
  Chapter  Spinal Injuries   
  Chapter  Burns  
  Chapter  Ballastic and Blast Injuries   
  Chapter   Battlefield Medications   
  Chapter  Triage  
  Chapter  Documentation   
  Chapter  Evacuation  
Section  Garrison Care  
  Chapter  Sick Call and Medical Documentation  
  Chapter  Preventive Medicine  
  Chapter  Sanitation  
  Chapter  Infection Control   
  Chapter  Wound Care   
  Chapter  Shock   
  Chapter  Medication Administration   
  Chapter  Intravenous Access  
  Chapter  Respiratory Disorders   
  Chapter  Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Care  
  Chapter  Abdominal Disorders   
  Chapter   Orthopedics   
  Chapter  Skin Diseases   
  Chapter   Mental Health  
  Chapter  Environmental Emergencies   
Section  Nonconventional Incidents   
  Chapter  CBRN Overview   
  Chapter  Chemical Incidents   
  Chapter  Biological Incidents   
  Chapter  Nuclear and Radiological Incidents   
Section  Combat Law  
  Chapter  Combat Law  
Section  Training Exercises  
  Chapter  Situational and Field Training Exercises   

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