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All Hazards Disaster Response Course Manual

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    ISBN: 9781284041040
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9781284041040

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

Be prepared to respond to many types of disaster scenarios with NAEMT's new course, All Hazards Disaster Response (AHDR).

The All Hazards Disaster Response course is an innovative and highly interactive 8-hour course. The Course Manual covers the features of a comprehensive response plan:
  • Communicating effectively during disasters 
  • Mutual aid and interoperability
  • Managing resources such as supplies, medications, and equipment
  • Triage and transportation strategies and challenges
  • Patient tracking and evacuation
  • Adapting treatment for burns, blasts, crush, and other injuries when faced with limited resources
The All Hazards Disaster Response course teaches participants how to analyse potential threats in their area, assess available resources, and create a response plan that will save lives. 

The online Instructor's ToolKit for the All Hazards Disaster Response is available to purchase separately for £17.49 + VAT. 

Alternatively, the online Instructor's Orientation is available for £10.83 + VAT.

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