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AMLS: Advanced Medical Life Support, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284040920
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781284040920

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

Are you ready to get started with Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)? Complete the NAEMT Instructor Course and learn more about the simple steps to become an AMLS instructor here. To learn more about becoming an NAEMT Course site, visit this page.

The only textbook approved for use in NAEMT's Advanced Medical Life Support course, Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) provides comprehensive, evidence-based coverage of basic and advanced concepts with an emphasis on critical thinking, leading to better outcomes for patients. The Second Edition fully addresses how to best assess and manage the most common medical crises in patients.

New to the Second Edition:

• Refined AMLS Assessment Pathway
• Clear emphasis on the BLS provider and integration with ALS throughout the assessment process
• Focus on mobile integrated healthcare issues as they relate to assessment and transport
• Expanded content on low-frequency/high criticality patients
• Expanded content on environmental-related disorders

Table of Contents

Chapter  1  Advanced Medical Life Support Assessment for the Medical Patient
Chapter  2  Respiratory Disorders
Chapter  3  Cardiovascular Disorders
Chapter  4  Shock
Chapter  5  Neurologic Disorders
Chapter  6  Abdominal/GI, Genitourinary, and Reproductive Disorders
Chapter  7  Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
Chapter  8  Infectious Diseases
Chapter  9  Environmental-Related Disorders
Chapter  10  Toxicology, Hazardous Materials, and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Appendix  A  AMLS Assessment Pathway
Appendix  B  Basic Airway Procedures
Appendix  C  Advanced Airway Procedures
Appendix  D  Cardiovascular Procedures and 12-Lead ECG Review
Appendix  E  Debriefing Skills
Appendix  F  Chapter Review Answers

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