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Casualty Care for Fire and Rescue

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Simon Todd, Kris Lethbridge, Richard Pilbery

Available in April 2018

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The role of fire and rescue services is constantly evolving. Casualty care and first aid is an integral part of the fire service’s job, and the need for appropriate training resources is growing. This textbook, written by an experienced team of firefighters and paramedics, is an essential guide to life saving care.
The book combines a skills-based practical approach with clinical knowledge. Chapters are illustrated with photographs and anatomical diagrams to support understanding. The book covers a range of urgent care that firefighters deliver and respond to, including trauma injuries, burns, road traffic collisions and cardiac arrest.
Casualty Care for Fire and Rescue is up to date with the latest policy, evidence and research and addresses legal issues, clinical governance, the Fire Service Act 2004, the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme and Hazard Area Response Teams. A multi-disciplinary approach is taken throughout, and is explored in detail in a chapter on the ambulance service.

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