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Combat Medic Field Reference

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United States Army

The ability to save lives in war, conflicts, and humanitarian interventions requires sophisticated skills above and beyond first aid. Today’s Combat Medic must be an expert in emergency care, force health protection, limited primary care, and warrior skills. The Combat Medic Field Reference provides easy access to essential information on triage, treatment, and US Army procedures. This handy pocket-sized reference features waterproof pages for making temporary or permanent notes.

Table of Contents

Section 1:   Triage
Triage Principles
Triage Categories for Treatment 
Triage Casualties
Section 2: Tactical 
Tactical Medical Evaluation Checklist 
Tactical Combat Casualty Care 
Anaphylactic Shock 
Burn Injury 
Cold Injury 
Dental Emergencies 
Gunshot Wounds/Blast Injuries 
Head Injury 
Heat Injury 
Hemorrhage Control Guidelines 
High Altitude Illness 
Mental Health  
Spinal Injury  
Transport: SKED Litter or Improvised Litter  
Field Medical Card  
Establish a Casualty Collection Point  
Establish a Helicopter Landing Zone  
Rescue and Transportation Procedures  
Combat Convoy Operations  
Field Sanitation  
Section 3: Clinical  
Patient Assessment
Documentation Using the SOAP Method
Abdominal Pain  
Allergies and Hay Fever
Ankle Sprain  
Chest Pain  
Corns and Calluses  
Diarrhea and/or Constipation
Ear Pain, Drainage, or Sense of Fullness  
Friction Blisters  
Hearing Loss  
Hip Pain  
Knee Pain  
Low Back Pain  
Minor Trauma  
Nausea and Vomiting  
Sexually Transmitted Diseases  
Shoulder Pain  
Sinus Complaints  
Sore Throat  
Superficial Fungal Infections  
Tinea Versicolor  
Upper Respiratory Infection  
Guidelines for Seeking Medical Officer Consultation
During Patient Triage
Shock Management
Administering Blood  
Administering Blood Products  
Calculating an IV Flow Rate
Administering IV/IM Medications  
Administering Intradermal Medications  
Section 4: Procedures
Apply a Tourniquet to Control Bleeding  
Apply an Emergency Trauma Dressing  
Administer Morphine  
Insert a Nasopharyngeal Airway
Insert a Combitube
Perform a Cricothyroidotomy  
Perform Needle Chest Decompression
Insert a Chest Tube  
Initiate an Intraosseous Infusion  
Remove an Intraosseous Infusion  
Suture a Minor Laceration
Insert a Urinary Catheter  
Prepare an Aid Bag  
Conduct Medical Resupply  
Set Up an Oxygen Tank   
Apply a Kendrick Extrication Device  
Section 5: References  
Root Words  
Common Medical Terms  
Medical Abbreviations  
Medical Symbols  
Vital Signs  
Cardiac Medications  
Gastrointestinal Medications  
Headache Medications
Hypoglycemic Agents  
Muscle Relaxants  
Nerve Agent Antidote
Pain Medications  
Pulmonary Medications  
Reversal Agents
Topical Medications
Upper Respiratory Infection Medications  
Volume Expansion  
91W Life Cycle  
Continuing Education Tracking Sheet  
Scope of Practice
STP 8-9W15-SM-TG  
Combat Lifesaver Program Correspondence Course Option
Training Scenarios   1-10
Anaphylactic Shock Management  
Burn Management  
Chest Tube Insertion
Combitube SA  
Needle Decompression 
Orotracheal Intubation
Sternal Intraosseous Infusion (F.A.S.T.1)
Surgical Cricothyroidotomy
NATO 9-Line Medevac
Patient Notes

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