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Critical Care Transport Field Guide

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    ISBN: 9780763715809
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780763715809
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The Critical Care Transport Field Guide is designed with the special needs of field practitioners in mind.  This useful, quick reference guide helps speed recognition of lab values, 12-lead ECG interpretation, fibrinolytics agents, hemodynamic monitoring, IABPs, rapid sequence intubation, chest tubes, and therapeutic medications and toxicology for the critical care transport provider. This guide is pocket size and water resistant.

Table of Contents
Common Lab Panels And Tests
Normal Lab Values
Spinal Regions And Dermatome Areas
12-Lead EKG
Thrombolytic Agents For Ami
Blood Administration
Hemodynamic Monitoring & Central Venous Catheters
Swan-Ganz Monitoring
Intra-Aortic Ballon Pumps
Nasogastric Tubes And Feeding Tubes
Chest Tubes & Drainage Systems
Rapid Sequence Induction
Conscious Sedation
Conversions And Severity Indices
Critical Care IV Medications
Therapeutic Drug Therapies & Toxicology
Hypothermia Scale
Pediatric Medications Reference
Burn Management
Emergency Medicine Mnemonics & Other Jewels
Drug Compatibility Matrix   

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