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Emergency Medical Responder: Your First Response in Emergency care, Sixth Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access

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    ISBN: 9781284107272

AAOS, David Schottke

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Based on the National EMS Education Standards and endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Emergency Medical Responder: Your First Response in Emergency Care, Sixth Edition offers complete coverage of every competency statement with clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking. The experienced author team and the AAOS medical editors have transformed the Education Standards into a training program that reflects best practices. Using clear, accessible language and proven pedagogical features, the Sixth Edition is the only way to prepare law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, rescue squad personnel, athletic trainers, college students, and laypersons for the challenges they will face in the field. The Sixth Edition delivers:

    Current State-of-the-Art Medical Content. The Emergency Medical Responder, Sixth Edition incorporates current medical concepts to ensure that students are taught assessment and treatment approaches that will help patients in the field today.

    Clear Application to Real-World Medical Response. Each chapter in the Sixth Edition includes four independent case studies that offer students a genuine context for the application of knowledge presented in each chapter. This approach clarifies how the information learned in the chapter will be used to help patients in the field.

    Concept Reinforcement. The Sixth Edition is built on the premise that students need a solid foundation in the basics followed by appropriate reinforcement. For example, the Patient Assessment chapter fully details every step of the patient assessment process. Each medical and trauma chapter then revisits this process and discusses elements of patient assessment that may require extra attention when presented with particular emergencies.

Key content updates to the Sixth Edition include:

    Fully revised to reflect the 2015 ECC/CPR Guidelines
    New information on heroin overdose and use of nasal Narcan
    Enhanced information on excited delirium
    Updated content on bleeding control that emphasizes use of tourniquets
    Spinal motion stabilization recommendations that reflect current standards
    New content on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dealing with autism spectrum disorders

Table of Contents

Section  1  Preparatory
  Chapter  1  EMS Systems
  Chapter  2  Workplace Safety and Wellness
  Chapter  3  Lifting and Moving Patients
  Chapter  4  Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
  Chapter  5  Communications and Documentation
  Chapter  6  The Human Body
Section  2  Airway
  Chapter  7  Airway Management
  Chapter  8  Professional Rescuer CPR
Section  3  Patient Assessment
  Chapter  9  Patient Assessment
Section  4  Medical
  Chapter  10  Medical Emergencies
  Chapter  11  Poisoning and Substance Abuse
  Chapter  12  Behavioral Emergencies
  Chapter  13  Environmental Emergencies
Section  5  Trauma
  Chapter  14  Bleeding, Shock, and Soft-Tissue Injuries
  Chapter  15  Injuries to Muscles and Bones
Section  6  Special Patient Populations
  Chapter  16  Childbirth
  Chapter  17  Pediatric Emergencies
  Chapter  18  Geriatric Emergencies
Section  7  EMS Operations
  Chapter  19  Transport Operations
  Chapter  20  Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
  Chapter  21  Incident Management
Appendix  A  Medical Terminology

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