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EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9780763742287
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9780763742287
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Guy Haskell, PhD, JD, NREMT-P Robert C. Allen, BS, AAS, NREMT-P

EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom is a collection of rapid-fire questions and answers designed to help students prepare for EMT-Intermediate state and national certification and refresher exams. It consists of “pearls”—succinct pieces of knowledge in a question and answer format.

Designed to maximize test scores, EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom prunes complex concepts down to the simplest kernel. EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom is written in direct correlation to the U.S. DOT 1999 EMT-Intermediate National Standard Curriculum. Objectives are covered in the order and manner in which they appear in the curriculum.

This is an excellent study guide for EMT-Intermediate students going through initial or refresher EMT-Intermediate training.

Unique Learning Format
This is an interactive text, set up in a format that encourages active learning. Unlike multiple-choice formats, this study aid requires the student to come up with the answer. Questions are followed by answers consisting of additional information to enhance learning. Emphasis has been placed on evoking both trivia and key facts that are easily overlooked, but which appear on certification exams.

Features & Benefits
EMT-Intermediate: Pearls of Wisdom offers additional features that bring the beginner EMT-Intermediate
student to the next level:
  • Voices of Experience - Each section opens with a vignette from a seasoned EMT-Intermediate about lessons from the field.
  • Section Quizzes - Each section concludes with a multiple-choice quiz similar to national certification exams, allowing students to test themselves in a standard testing format.


Section I: Preparatory 

Voices of Experience: Don’t Make Things Worse
Chapter 1: Foundations of EMT-Intermediate 
Chapter 2: Overview of Human Systems
Chapter 3: Emergency Pharmacology 27
Chapter 4: Venous Access and Medication Administration
Section I Quiz: Preparatory  

Section II: Airway   

Voices of Experience: Safety Equipment is Not Meant for Decoration
Chapter 5: Airway Management and Ventilation  
Section II Quiz: Airway   

Section III: Patient Assessment 

Voices of Experience: Hidden Injuries
Chapter 6: History Taking 
Chapter 7: Techniques of Physical Examination
Chapter 8: Patient Assessment 
Chapter 9: Clinical Decision Making 
Chapter 10: Communications and Documentation
Section III Quiz: Patient Assessment 

Section IV: Trauma       

Voices of Experience: An Onslaught of Trauma  
Chapter 11: Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury   
Chapter 12: Hemorrhage and Shock
Chapter 13: Burns  
Chapter 14: Thoracic Trauma   
Section IV Quiz: Trauma 

Section V: Medical 

Voices of Experience: Lasting Impressions 
Chapter 15: Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 16: Cardiovascular Emergencies 
Chapter 17: Diabetic Emergencies
Chapter 18: Allergic Reactions
Chapter 19: Poisoning/Overdose Emergencies
Chapter 20: Neurologic Emergencies
Chapter 21: Nontraumatic Abdominal Emergencies
Chapter 22: Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 23: Behavioral Emergencies
Chapter 24: Gynecologic Emergencies
Section V Quiz: Medical

Section VI: Special Considerations 

Voices of Experience: Try to Remember More than the Hat
Chapter 25: Obstetric Emergencies
Chapter 26: Neonatal Resuscitation 
Chapter 27: Pediatrics
Chapter 28: Geriatrics
Section VI Quiz: Special Considerations

Appendix: Assessment Based Management
Answer Key

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