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EMT Prehospital Care, Fourth Edition

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    ISBN: 9780323085335
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    Fourth Edition
    ISBN: 9780323085335

Mark C. Henry, MD, Edward R Stapleton, EMT-P

EMT Prehospital Care, Revised Fourth Edition. The revised fourth edition of this comprehensive and visually rich textbook makes learning the EMT curriculum easy. The text's rationale-based learning format explains not only how, but also why procedures and treatment protocols are performed. This textbook not only covers all of the essential points of EMT patient care, it also goes far beyond the depth and breadth of basic content, making it an excellent resource for students and practicing EMTs.

Features & Benefits
Key features for the Fourth Edition include:
  • Covers all National Education Standard and National Standard Curriculum (NSC) objectives in depth
  • Covers disease progression and its role in prehospital care
  • Offers step-by-step coverage of essential EMT skills
  • Includes high-quality illustrations and clinical photos
Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Introduction to Emergency Medical Care 
Chapter 2  Well-Being of the EMT
Chapter 3  Medicolegal and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4  The Human Body
Chapter 5  Lifting and Moving Patients
Chapter 6  Airway
Chapter 7  Patient Assessment 
Chapter 8  Communications
Chapter 9  Documentation
Chapter 10  General Pharmacology 
Chapter 11  Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 12  Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 13  Altered Mental Status
Chapter 14  Allergies
Chapter 15  Poisoning and Overdoses
Chapter 16  Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 17  Behavioral Emergencies
Chapter 18  Abuse and Assault
Chapter 19  Obstetrics and Gynecology
Chapter 20  Bleeding and Shock
Chapter 21  Soft Tissue Injuries
Chapter 22  Chest and Abdominal Emergencies
Chapter 23  Musculoskeletal Care
Chapter 24  Injuries to the Head and Spine
Chapter 25  Infants and Children
Chapter 26  Ambulance Operations
Chapter 27  Gaining Access
Chapter 28  Disasters and Hazardous Materials
Chapter 29  Advanced Airway Management
Chapter 30  Weapons of Mass Destruction and the EMT
Chapter 31  Geriatric Emergencies
Appendix A  Answers to Review Questions

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