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Field Training Officer: Tips and Techniques for FTOs, Preceptors, and Mentors

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    ISBN: 9780763741990
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780763741990

Bruce Nepon, Barry Eberly

Listen to an author Podcast with Bruce Nepon and Barry Eberly.

Field Training Officer provides comprehensive and concrete guidance on how to effectively perform the job of a field training officer (FTO). Extensively field-tested, the approach presented has been used by the authors since 1998 and has helped train EMTs and paramedics in college, hospital, fire department, and third service programs. The text contains a variety of tips and techniques that experienced FTOs can use to supplement teaching methods they are currently using. New FTOs can use these same tips and techniques to develop an effective approach to teaching and evaluating students, and will help them “hit the ground running” as they assume their new duties.

This text is a must-have for all FTOs, preceptors, coaches, mentors, instructors, and any EMS personnel who provide instruction and evaluation of patient care providers.

Features & Benefits
  • FTO Tip boxes that reinforce concepts presented in the text and expand on important ideas.
  • Forms and documents that can be a reasonable starting point in developing a field internship program.
  • A sample Field Training Manual, which includes checklists, logs, and critique forms. The manual also describes the field internship process, including written performance standards for students and FTOs.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Building Blocks for the Field Training Officer: Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 2 Structure of the Field Internship
Chapter 3 Four Questions: A Self-Test for the Field Training Officer
Chapter 4 More Than One Way
Chapter 5 Prompting the Student
Chapter 6 Student Verbalization
Chapter 7 Briefings and Verbal Feedback
Chapter 8 Confirming Physical Examination Findings
Chapter 9 The Critique Form: A Tool for Documentation
Chapter 10 Scoring the Instruction Phase of the Field Internship
Chapter 11 Scoring the Evaluation Phase of the Field Internship
Chapter 12 A Day in the Life of an FTO

Appendix A Sample Manual for Paramedic Students and Instructors
Appendix B Instructor Checklist
Appendix C Daily Log of Patient Contacts
Appendix D FTO Quality Improvement

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