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Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices

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    ISBN: 9781449605834
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    Second edition
    ISBN: 9781449605834

Smeby Jr. 

Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices, Second Edition covers the latest course objectives from the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education’s (FESHE) Bachelor’s Core Level Fire and Emergency Services Administration model curriculum. To effectively lead modern public safety organizations and the various components within them, individuals must possess a solid understanding of the always-changing issues that face the fire and emergency medical services.

The second edition of Fire and Emergency Services Administration: Management and Leadership Practices has been completely updated to deliver the very latest information needed to understand these challenges and will assist managers in making the proper decisions that can impact all aspects of their organization.

The Second Edition features:

The following features are incorporated throughout the Second Edition: 
  • Chapter Objectives: FESHE Objectives and Knowledge Objectives are listed at the beginning of each chapter, including page references. 
  • Case Studies: Real-life incidents help stimulate student discussion and highlight important concepts. 
  • Facts and Figures: Provides useful and interesting history, facts, and other research relating to the fire and emergency services. 
  • Words of Wisdom: Presents powerful and informative quotes from organizational leaders and experts in their fields. 
  • Chief Officer Tips: Targeted advice to deal with common administrative issues and introduce techniques to implement change. 
  • Chapter Activities: End-of-chapter Fire and EMS activities reinforce important concepts and improve students’ comprehension.  

Table of Contents
Chapter 1   The Past
Chapter 2   Introduction to Administration
Chapter 3   Management 
Chapter 4   Leading Change
Chapter 5   Financial Management
Chapter 6   Human Resources Management
Chapter 7   Customer Service 
Chapter 8   Training and Education
Chapter 9   Health and Safety
Chapter 10   Government Regulation, Laws, and the Courts 
Chapter 11   Ethics 
Chapter 12   Public Policy Analysis 
Chapter 13   The Future

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