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Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual

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    Ninth edition
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National Fire Protection Association 

The Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual, Ninth Edition is the most up-to-date inspection reference manual for those interested in fire protection, fire safety, and life safety inspections. It provides step-by-step guidance through the complete fire inspection process, with special emphasis on life safety considerations.

This text identifies dangerous and hazardous conditions that could be encountered in a structure and spells out the chief areas the inspector should be focused on during an inspection. Inspectors should use the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual, Ninth Edition to identify existing deficiencies, imminently dangerous conditions, or a fault in a procedure or protocol that may result in a fire. Six new chapters have been added to make sure fire inspectors have the knowledge and resources available to effectively conduct all types of fire inspections. These new chapters include:

• Chapter 5       Certification and Training for Inspectors
• Chapter 6       Green Technologies and the Inspector
• Chapter 24     Commissioning Process for Fire Protection Systems
• Chapter 25     Accessibility Provisions
• Chapter 26     Grass, Brush, and Forest Fire Hazards
• Chapter 27     Tunnels

More than three hundred codes and standards form the basis for the criteria, recommendations, and requirements that are found throughout the text. Early chapters provide important background information, while the second half presents inspection guidelines for specific fire protection systems and occupancies that are based on the Life Safety Code®. This text is packaged with an access code that provides free access to easy-to-follow checklists to help you remember and record every important detail. Whether you’re just starting your career as a fire inspector or ready to brush up on the basics, the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual, Ninth Edition has the reliable inspection advice you need. 

Table of Contents
Section  1   General
   Chapter  1           The Fire Inspector 
   Chapter  2           Inspection Procedures 
   Chapter  3           Housekeeping and Building Procedures 
   Chapter  4           Report Writing and Record Keeping 
   Chapter  5           Certification and Training for Inspectors 
   Chapter  6           Green Technologies and the Inspector

Section  2  
   Chapter  7           Building Construction Elements 
   Chapter  8           Classification of Construction Types 
   Chapter  9           Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations 
   Chapter  10   Protection of Openings in Fire Subdivisions 
   Chapter  11   Electrical Systems 
   Chapter  12   Heating Systems 
   Chapter  13   Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems 
   Chapter  14   Smoke-Control Systems 
   Chapter  15   Fire Alarm Systems 
   Chapter  16   Water Supplies 
   Chapter  17   Automatic Sprinkler and Other Water-Based Fire Protection Systems 
   Chapter  18   Water Mist Systems 
   Chapter  19   Special Agent Extinguishing Systems 
   Chapter  20   Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems 
   Chapter  21   Portable Fire Extinguishers 
   Chapter  22   Means of Egress 
   Chapter  23   Interior Finish, Contents, and Furnishings 
   Chapter  24   Commissioning Process for Fire Protection Systems 
   Chapter  25   Accessibility Provisions 
   Chapter  26   Urban Wildland Interface 
   Chapter  27   Tunnels
   Chapter  28   Assembly Occupancies 
   Chapter  29   Educational Occupancies 
   Chapter  30   Day-Care Facilities 
   Chapter  31   Health Care Facilities 
   Chapter  32   Ambulatory Health Care Facilities 
   Chapter  33   Detention and Correctional Occupancies 
   Chapter  34   Hotels 
   Chapter  35   Apartment Buildings 
   Chapter  36   Lodging or Rooming Houses 
   Chapter  37   Residential Board and Care Occupancies 
   Chapter  38   One and Two-Family Dwellings 
   Chapter  39   Mercantile Occupancies
   Chapter  40   Business Occupancies 
   Chapter  41   Industrial Occupancies 
   Chapter  42   Storage Occupancies
   Chapter  43   Special Structures and High-Rise Buildings 

Section  4   Process and Storage Hazards
   Chapter  44         Waste-Handling and Processing Systems
   Chapter  45   Radioactive Materials 
   Chapter  46   Materials-Handling Systems 
   Chapter  47   General Storage 
   Chapter  48   Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids 
   Chapter  49   Gas Hazards 
   Chapter  50   Combustible Dusts 
   Chapter  51   Combustible Metals 
   Chapter  52   Chemicals
   Chapter  53   Plastics and Rubber 
   Chapter  54   Explosives and Blasting Agents 
   Chapter  55   Fireworks and Pyrotechnics 
   Chapter  56   Heat-Utilization Equipment 
   Chapter  57   Spray Painting and Powder Coating 
   Chapter  58   Welding, Cutting, and Other Hot Work 
   Chapter  59   Hazards of Manufacturing Processes 
   Chapter  60   Aerosol Manufacturing and Storage 
   Chapter  61   Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment 

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