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Fire Protection Systems

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    ISBN: 9781284035377
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781284035377

A. Maurice Jones Jr.

In addition to architects, engineers, and design professionals, fire fighters also need to understand fire protection systems in order to manage the fire scene and minimize risks to life and property. Fire Protection Systems, Second Edition provides a comprehensive overview of the various types of fire protection systems, their operational abilities and characteristics, and their applications within various types of structures.

The new Second Edition meets the latest course objectives from the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education’s (FESHE) Fire Protection Systems model curriculum and covers:

  • Water supply basics, including sources, distribution networks, piping, and hydrants.
  • Active fire protection systems and components, their operational characteristics, and installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements.
  • Passive fire protection systems such as firewalls, fire separation assemblies, and fire dampers
  • Smoke control and management systems, gas-based suppression, access and egress control systems, and the code requirements for installation of these systems.
Ensure that you are completely up-to-date on the latest fire protection systems and their operational characteristics and abilities with Fire Protection Systems, Second Edition.

Table of Contents:
Chapter  1  Basics of Fire Behavior
Chapter  2  Fire Protection Systems and the Model Code Process
Chapter  3  Fire Alarm System Components and Functions
Chapter  4  Types of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
Chapter  5  Water Supplies for Fire Protection Systems
Chapter  6  Standpipe and Hose Systems
Chapter  7  Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
Chapter  8  Specialized Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
Chapter  9  Wet and Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
Chapter  10  Gaseous Agent Extinguishing Systems
Chapter  11  Portable Fire Extinguishers
Chapter  12  Smoke Control and Management Systems
Chapter  13  Property Security, Emergency Response, and Fire Protection Systems

About the Author:
A. Maurice Jones Jr.
Maurice Jones is the Supervisory Fire Protection Engineer for the Alexandria, Virginia Fire and EMS Department's Code Enforcement Bureau, Fire Protection Systems Unit. He is responsible for all fire protection system releated issues throughout the city and oversees all fire protection system plan review, installation, inspection and testing of new and existing fire protection systems.

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