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Firefighting Strategies And Tactics

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    ISBN: 9781284036435
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    Third Edition
    ISBN: 9781284036435

James S. Angle, Michael F. Gala Jr., David Harlow, William B. Lombardo

Now in its Third Edition, Firefighting Strategies and Tactics is the fire service’s most complete and comprehensive “strategies and tactics” resource available for fire service professionals. This textbook offers clear, systematic guidance on how to take control of the fireground – even under the most adverse conditions. In addition to residential dwellings, the Third Edition covers best practices to safely and effectively manage fires in residential dwellings, commercial buildings, high-rises, places of assembly, vehicles, and in the wild.

Firefighting Strategies and Tactics, Third Edition features:
  • Complete coverage of the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Strategies and Tactics model curriculum.
  • New and improved chapter organization, including a new chapter dedicated to Pre-Fire Planning.
  • End-of-chapter case studies that help students apply what they have learned.
Table of Contents:.
1  History of Fire Service Strategies and Tactics
2  Fire Fighter Safety
3  Incident Management Systems
4  Coordination and Control
5  Basic Building Construction
6  Fire Dynamics
7  Preincident Planning
8  Extinguishing Agents
9  Built-in Fire Protection
10  Company Operations
11  One- and Two-Family Dwellings
12  Multiple-Family Dwellings
13  Commercial Buildings
14  Places of Assembly
15  High-Rise Office Buildings
16  Vehicle Fires
17  Wildfires
18  Special Fires 
19  After the Incident
20  Putting it All Together

About the Authors:
James S. Angle -Program Director, Fire Training Center, St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg Florida, Florida
James (Jimmy) S. Angle is the fire chief of the Palm Harbor, Florida Fire Rescue Department. He has over 30 years of fire service experience. He also teaches various courses at St. Petersburg College.

Michael F. Gala Jr.-Chief of Uniformed Personnel, New York City, Fire Department, New York, New York
Michael Gala has significant experience as a fire officer in a large urban fire department and experience in teaching fire service personnel at the NYC Fire Department Training Academy. Because of his diversity in assignments, he has developed experience in both engine and truck company functions, as well as operations in multiple story buildings. He is currently assigned to one of the busiest ladder companies in NYC where he serves as a Captain. He has a bachelor's degree in fire science adminstration and a master's degree in Protection Management from John Jay College in New York.

David Harlow-Retired Fire Chief
David Harlow is retired after 31 years with the fire service, the last two as fire chief in south Florida. Before moving to Florida he served nearly 29 years with the Fairborn, Ohio Fire Department where he retired as Division Chief. The city of Fairborn surrounds Wright-Patterson AFB and was a very active department. He has a associate degree in fire engineering, a bachelor degree in fire administration, and a master's degree in urban adminstration.

William B. Lombardo-Fire Chief, South Trail Fire and Rescue, Fort Myers, Florida
William B. Lombardo started as a career at South Trail Fire and Rescue in Fort Myers, Florida in 1987. He worked his way through the ranks and in 2006 was promoted to Deputy Chief.  He has an associate degree in general edication and slao in fire science. He also has a bachelor degree in exectutive management and is a graduate of the National Fire Academy's  Executive Fire Officer Program. He is a certified Paramedic and is also a certified fire inspector, company officer, and Instructor III through the Florida Bureau op of Fire Standards and Training. He also teaches at the Fire Department Instructors' Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana and Fire Rescue East in Florida.

Craig M. Maciuba-Fire Chief, Palm Harbor Fire Rescue, Palm Harbor, Florida
Craig M. Maciuba holds an associate degree in fire science and a bachelor degree in XX. He is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Progam. He has significant experience in incident command and initial fire scene operation. He served as a comapny officer with one of the busiest engine companies in Pinellas County, Florida, a densely populated area of Florida's west coast. He has a strong background in training and education at the fire department and fire academy level. He currently is a Fire Chief with the Palm Harbor, Florida Fire Department.

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