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History and Physical Examination: A Common Sense Approach

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    ISBN: 9781449660260


History and Physical Examination: A Common Sense Approach provides a comprehensive, accessible foundation to the crucial patient care skill of clinical history taking and ‘head-to-toe’ clinical examination. Through full color illustrations, patient photographs, and video examples, this valuable resource highlights a logical, step-by-step approach to gain clinical competency. The authoritative content is divided into three sections to build and develop students’ practical skills: History Flows, which provide context and practice through clinical scenario work, to logically develop differential diagnoses; Physical Examination Flows, which focus on comprehensive and consistent exams by using the human body as a map; and finally, Comprehensive Flows, which enable the student to apply their history taking and examination tools together to develop a differential diagnosis and a treatment plan—all under the real-world pressure of a time-sensitive office visit. Each section features “Clinical Case Practice” for students to interact and apply the clinical concepts and to prepare for actual practice. By moving beyond discrete symptoms, History and Physical Examination: A Common Sense Approach prepares students not only for practical boards, but for delivering humanistic care in real-world patient encounters.  

Table of Contents

Chapter  1           Clinical Competencies
Chapter  2           Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Chapter  3           History Taking
Chapter  4           The History Flows
Chapter  5           Introduction to Physical Examination
Chapter  6           General Assessment and Vital Signs
Chapter  7           Integumentary System
Chapter  8           Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat Examination
Chapter  9           Neck and Lymphatic
Chapter  10         Cardiovascular
Chapter  11         Respiratory Examination
Chapter  12         Abdominal Examination
Chapter  13         Musculoskeletal Examination
Chapter  14         Neurologic Examination
Chapter  15         Sensitive Examinations
Chapter  16         Comprehensive Flows
Chapter  17         The Pregnant Patient
Chapter  18         Pediatric Patient Examination
Chapter  19         Patient Encounter Documentation

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