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Introduction to Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias, Fourth Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284040357
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    Fourth Edition
    ISBN: 9781284040357
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Sandra Atwood, RN, BA Cheryl Stanton, RN Jenny Storey-Davenport, RN, MSN, BC

Written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, Introduction to Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias, Revised Fourth Edition, uses straightforward language to explain how the heart functions and how to interpret ECGs–essential knowledge that will allow you to anticipate the appropriate treatment for each. Coverage of the 2010 Emergency Cardiovascular Care guidelines are reflected in all topics in the text.

Features & Benefits

These features make the Fourth Edition easy to use and understand:
  • New full-color format makes it easier to locate key information. ECGs now in full color, too!
  • A logical sequence with simple medical terms traces the normal conduction pathway of the heart from the atria to the ventricles.
  • Numerous quizzes with a variety of question formats, as well as dysrhythmia practice strips, crossword puzzles, and word-find puzzles - make learning to read ECGs fun and easy!
  • A variety of review tools allow you to study at your pace: 200 additional practice rhythm strips, 22 case studies, perforated rhythm review flashcards, and medication flashcards.
  • New companion CD with 180 rhythm strips for additional practice and cardiac animations that bring anatomic and physiologic concepts to life.
  • New heart rate ruler helps you determine heart rate while learning to interpret ECGs.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 2  Monitoring and Telemetry
Chapter 3  Sinus and Atrial Dysrhythmia 
Chapter 4  Junctional Dysrhythmia
Chapter 5  Heart Blocks
Chapter 6  Ventricular Dysrhythmia
Chapter 7   “Funny Looking” Beats (FLBs)
Chapter 8  Dysrhythmia Review
Chapter 9  Medication Review and Adult Treatment Guidelines
Chapter 10  Dysrhythmia Interpretation Practice
Chapter 11  Case Studies
Answer Section  
Abbreviation List  
Reference List  
Dysrhythmia Review Flashcards  
Medication Review Flashcards 

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