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Ladder Company Fireground Operations

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    ISBN: 9780763744960
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    3rd Edition
    ISBN: 9780763744960

Harold Richman, Steve Persson

Learn Proven Ladder Company Fireground Operations With Ladder Company Fireground Operations, Third Edition. Fire Department Ladder Companies Face Many Challenges. Ladder Company Personnel Are An Integral Part Of Fire Fighting Operations At The Fireground, And This Book Emphasizes The Point That Fire Fighters Performing Ladder Company Tasks Must Be Properly Trained, Possess The Proper Equipment, And Be Adequately Staffed. Ladder Company Fireground Operations, Third Edition Covers The Basic Objectives Of Ladder Company Work Including The Assignments Of Conducting A Primary Search, Rescuing Victims, Forcing Entry, And Conducting Proper Ventilation Techniques. This Book Also Emphasizes Other Areas Of Importance Including Pre-Incident Planning, Using Standard Operating Guidelines (Sops), And Working Within An Incident Management System (IMS).

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