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Mosby's Comprehensive Pediatric Emergency Care, Revised Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284038071
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    Revised Edition
    ISBN: 9781284038071

Barbara Aehlert, RN, BSPA

The only comprehensive pediatric emergency care book you'll ever need–Mosby's Comprehensive Pediatric Emergency Care. Popular author Barbara Aehlert brings you in-depth coverage of every area of pediatric emergency care including Pediatric Advanced Life Support in this one-of-a-kind text.

Features & Benefits
  • A concise outline format
  • PEDS Pearl boxes
  • Common Medications table (Chapter 8)
  • Chapter quizzes, a Pretest, and a Posttest
  • A laminated quick-reference card gives you easy access to critical information, including:
  1. Respiratory and heart rates
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Basic life support interventions
  4. Glasgow Coma Scale
  5. Appropriate size oropharyngeal airway corresponding to the Broselow Resuscitation Tape
  6. Appropriate intubation equipment corresponding to the Broselow Resuscitation Tape
  7. Several pediatric algorithms
  8. Pain assessment tools
Table of Contents
Pretest Answers  
Chapter 1  Chain of Survival and Emergency Medical Services for Children
Chapter 2  Growth and Development
Chapter 3  Patient Assessment
Chapter 4  Respiratory Distress and Respiratory Failure
Chapter 5  Respiratory Interventions
Chapter 6  Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 7  Cardiovascular Interventions
Chapter 8  Fluids and Medications
Chapter 9  Trauma and Burns
Chapter 10  Selected Childhood Illnesses
Chapter 11  Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 12  Toxicological Emergencies
Chapter 13  Child Maltreatment
Chapter 14  Death of an Infant or Child
Chapter 15  Children with Special Healthcare Needs
Chapter 16  Resuscitation of the Newly Born Outside the Delivery Room
Posttest Answers  
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