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Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets (UK Edition)

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    ISBN: 9781284294231

College of Paramedics 

The United Kingdom (UK) edition of Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, Seventh Revised Edition builds on the pedigree of the previous UK and United States editions of this seminal paramedic textbook. 

Not only is the UK Seventh Revised Edition directly relevant to UK practice, but now it is fully referenced and in line with the new 2016 UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines. 

With an authorship drawn from all aspects of emergency and unscheduled care, from academics to practicing practitioners, the writing team have ensured that the textbook is directly relevant to current UK clinical paramedic practices. 

Key Features

Up-to-Date Content The UK Seventh Edition is the only paramedic textbook to reference the new 2016 UK Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Guidelines. In addition, the latest advanced life support and other evidence-based guidelines have been included to ensure that evidence-based practice is advocated. 

Relevance to Clinical Practice Each chapter features a clinical case study to relate the chapter content to real-world application, thus enabling students and paramedics alike to bridge the theory-practice gap. 

Accessible Language Since the first edition, Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets has been known for its clear, accessible language that provides the most effective and engaging learning experience for students. The UK Seventh Edition continues Dr. Caroline's legacy with world-class medical content written in a manner that is relevant to today's practice of paramedicine. 

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