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Operating Safely in Hazardous Environments

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    ISBN: 9781449609672
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    Third edition
    ISBN: 9781449609672
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Operating Safely in Hazardous Environments: A Review and Refresher, Third Edition is designed to meet the many training/recertification regulations required of employees working in: 

  • waste operations
  • permit-required confined spaces
  • emergency response situations
  • toxic materials work
  • work at heights. 
This program will easily and effortlessly lead you through a review of the knowledge necessary to continue to work in these dangerous areas, including: public and workplace hazard detection; identification; mitigation; and operations in these dangerous environments.

Providing both review materials and exercises to foster discussion and test your knowledge, this program will provide a thorough annual review and practice of skills associated with operating safely in each type of hazardous environment.

The third edition has been revised to reflect updates in technology, equipment, and regulations. New content includes: 
  • The National Incident Management Systems (NIMS): a comprehensive, national approach to incident management that coordinates both public and private responses to hazard scenarios. The NIMS is required to be adopted by all jurisdictions that support a federal response or receive federal funding or grants. 
  • Basic Life Support Review: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 
  • Fungal Remediation Protocols  

Table of Contents
Chapter  1   Health, Safety, and Emergency Response Planning
Chapter  2   Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Environments and Materials
Chapter  3   Quantifying Hazardous Environments: Site Monitoring and Sample Collection
Chapter  4   Personal Protective Equipment
Chapter  5   Decontamination
Chapter  6   Medical Monitoring and Occupational Health
Chapter  7   Personal Safety

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