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Pet Emergency Pocket Guide, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781890495466
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9781890495466


The Pet Emergency Pocket Guide is a practical reference for pet owners that provides complete planning, response and survival guidelines for both common and uncommon pet emergencies, presented in an easy to use and convenient pocket-sized format. This compact tool delivers step-by-step instructions for daily care, first aid, illness and injury assessment, emergency planning, and natural disaster preparation and survival. It features tabbed, color-coded and illustrated sections that make it easy to use, with checklists and inventory lists for creating your own pet emergency, travel, and evacuation kits.

This new Second Edition features the following:
  • Updated content as suggested by emergency veterinarians
  • Expanded Glossary of Signs & Conditions, including new entries and illustrations Reorganized content and tabs for ease-of-use
  • Updated toxic food list and detailed reactions for dogs
  • Information about preventing dog bites and scratches, as well as how to break up dog fights 3
  • Common plants that are poisonous to cats
  • New section for 'Pocket Pets', including basic information and signs and conditions for ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, rabbits, birds, fish, turtles and snakes
  • New graphics, charts and an updated design

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