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PHTLS Trauma First Response

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    ISBN: 9781284101515
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    ISBN: 9781284101515

NAEMT, American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma

As the required textbook for NAEMT's Trauma First Response course, PHTLS Trauma First Response delivers comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines culled from NAEMT's internationally renowned Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Seventh Edition text
to help you provide the most effective pre-EMS trauma treatment. It's
the perfect book for first responders, police, officers, firefighters,
rescue personnel, and safety officers!

Features & Benefits

Confidently manage the immediate needs of trauma patients with proven first response strategies!

  • Comprehensive, evidenced-based coverage reflects the latest research
    across all aspects of prehospital and first-response-level trauma in one
    convenient resource.
  • Heavily illustrated presentation guides you step-by-step through essential skills.
  • Scenarios and Scenario Solutions challenge you to apply treatment concepts to realistic situations.
  • Unparalleled kinematics coverage helps you understand and effectively manage impact trauma.
  • Chapter Objectives and closing Summaries break down must-know information for easier understanding.
  • Dedicated chapters on Burn Trauma and Disaster Management detail the
    latest management techniques and protocols for these critical areas.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to PHTLS and TFR
Chapter 2   Mechanisms of Injury and Kinematics of Trauma
Chapter 3   Assessment of the Scene and Patient
Chapter 4   Airway and Breathing
Chapter 5   Circulation and Shock
Chapter 6   Disability: Brain and Spine Trauma
Chapter 7   Musculoskeletal Trauma
Chapter 8   Burn Trauma
Chapter 9   Environmental and Wilderness Trauma
Chapter 10 Pediatric and Geriatric Trauma 
Chapter 11   Disaster Management and Weapons of Mass Destruction 
Chapter 12   Golden Principles of Prehospital Trauma Care 



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