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Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Military Edition, Eighth Edition

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    ISBN: 9781284041750
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    8th Edition
    ISBN: 9781284041750

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

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As the required textbook for NAEMT's worldwide prehospital trauma life support course, Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) its medical content is continuously revised and updated to reflect current, state-of-the-art knowledge and practice. PHTLS promotes critical thinking as the foundation for providing quality care. It is based on the belief that EMS practitioners make the best decisions on behalf of their patients when given a good foundation of knowledge and key principles. For three decades, PHTLS has improved the quality of civilian trauma care and has saved lives outside the emergency department.

Since 1996, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) has improved the care rendered in combat prehospital environments. TCCC is the battlefield prehospital component of the Joint Trauma System, an organization within the Department of Defense that projects combat trauma care out to the point of injury and continues that care seamlessly while bringing the casualty home for recuperation and rehabilitation. TCCC guidelines are continuously revised and updated by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, an all-volunteer group of military medicine and trauma care specialists. The membership of the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care includes combat medics, corpsmen, and pararescuemen as well as physicians and physician assistants.

PHTLS: Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Military Eighth Edition is the next step in the evolution of the premier global prehospital trauma education program, a partnership between PHTLS and TCCC that goes back to the fourth edition of this manual. This edition continues the shared mission to promote excellence in trauma care by all providers and in all environments. In addition to the PHTLS core content, it features thirteen chapters written by military prehospital trauma care experts for practitioners in the military environment. These include a new chapter devoted to detailed scenarios designed to sharpen critical-thinking skills and to help combat medical personnel learn to think clearly under pressure on the battlefield.

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Table of Contents

PHTLS: Past, Present, and Future  
Injury Prevention  
The Science, Art, and Ethics of Prehospital Care: Principles, Preferences, and Critical Thinking   
Physiology of Life and Death  
Kinematics of Trauma  
Scene Assessment   
Patient Assessment and Management   
Airway and Ventilation  
Head Trauma  
Spinal Trauma  
Thoracic Trauma   
Abdominal Trauma   
Musculoskeletal Trauma   
Burn Injuries   
Pediatric Trauma   
Geriatric Trauma  
Golden Principles of Prehospital Trauma Care  
Disaster Management  
Explosions and Weapons of Mass Destruction   
Environmental Trauma I: Heat and Cold   
Environmental Trauma II: Lightning, Drowning, Diving, and Altitude   
Wilderness Trauma Care   
Introduction to Tactical Combat Casualty Care  
Care Under Fire  
Tactical Field Care  
Tactical Evacuation Care  
Aeromedical Evacuation in a Combat Theater  
Joint Trauma System  
Triage in Tactical Combat Casualty Care  
Injuries from Explosives  
Treatment of Burn Casualties in Tactical Combat Casualty Care  
Casualty Response Planning in Tactical Combat Casualty Care  
Medical Support of Urban Operations   
Ethical Considerations for the Combat Medic

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