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Principles of ALS Care

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    ISBN: 9780763765811
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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Nicholle Brock, NREMT-P

Principles of ALS Care provides a succinct and comprehensive review of essentials concepts in ALS assessment and treatment. The text crystallizes key information across the range of advanced-level topics, including the cellular environment, bleeding and shock, airway management and respiratory emergencies, pharmacology, toxicology, medical emergencies, trauma, and pediatric and geriatric considerations. Presented in clear and concise format, this text will prove invaluable to students and field providers alike.

Designed specifically for advanced providers, Principles of ALS Care can be used as:
  • A supplement to initial training, to reinforce assessment and treatment information that students have learned in class
  • A study guide to help students prepare for state or national exams
  • A comprehensive field reference
  • An adjunct to refresher training
Features & Benefits

Key features of the text:
  • The relevant pathophysiology of common illnesses and injuries
  • Lists key signs and symptoms to evaluate for common treatment modalities and appropriate assessments and exams
  • Detailed tables
  • Concise writing style 
  • Bulleted lists of treatments, purpose, and dosing
  • Important information on common illnesses and injuries
Section  1  Preparatory
  Chapter  1  The Cellular Environment
  Chapter  2  Assessment and Documentation
  Chapter  3  Pharmacology
Section  2  Trauma
  Chapter  4  Trauma
  Chapter  5  Bleeding and Shock
  Chapter  6  Burns
Section  3  Medical Emergencies
  Chapter  7  Airway Management and Respiratory Emergencies
  Chapter  8  Cardiovascular Emergencies
  Chapter  9  Neurologic Emergencies
  Chapter  10  Endocrine Emergencies
  Chapter  11  Medical Emergencies
  Chapter  12  Gastrointestinal Emergencies
  Chapter  13  Toxicology: Poisoning and Substance Abuse
  Chapter  14  Hematology and the Immune System
  Chapter  15  Environmental Emergencies
  Chapter  16  Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
Section  4  Special Populations
  Chapter  17  Pediatric Emergencies
  Chapter  18  Geriatric Considerations

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