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RAPID Pediatric Emergency Care

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    ISBN: 9780323047470
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    Revised Edition
    ISBN: 9780323047470

Barbara Aehlert

Your Go-To Guide for Pediatric Emergency Care!

Get quick and easy access to essential facts and clinical information for pediatric emergencies broken down into charts, algorithms, and tables all in 10 easy-to-find tabbed sections. Each section divider features a rapid-reference table of contents so you can quickly locate information within each section. You'll also appreciate the many helpful illustrations and the handy alphabetical listing of commonly used medications.

Features & Benefits

  Key clinical information for any setting
  Easy access format for rapid retrieval
  Includes tables, charts, algorithms, acronyms

Table of Contents

Section 1  Growth & Development
Section 2  Patient Assessment
Section 3  Respiratory Conditions
Section 4  Cardiac Conditions
Section 5  Fluids & Medications
Section 6  Trauma & Burns
Section 7  Selected Conditions
Section 8  Abuse & Death
Section 9  Special Needs
Section 10  The Newly Born
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