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RAPID Transport of the Critical Care Patient

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    ISBN: 9780323057745
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780323057745

Adam, Cebollero

Get quick and easy access to essential facts and clinical information for critical care transport broken down into charts, algorithms, tables, and illustrations, all in 10 easy-to-find tabbed sections. Each section divider features a rapid-reference table of contents, so you can quickly locate information within each section. Produced on water and stain-resistant paper, this guide is designed to stand up to years of frequent use!

Features & Benefits

    Key clinical information
    Easy access format for rapid retrieval
    Includes tables, charts, algorithms, and acronyms
    Reflects 2010 ECC guidelines

Table of Contents

Section 1  Airway
Section 2  Pulmonary
Section 3  Cardiac
Section 4  Hemodynamic Monitoring
Section 5  Neurologic
Section 6  Trauma
Section 7  Triage
Section 8  Pediatrics
Section 9  Medications
Section 10  Laboratory

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