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Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention

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Ronald P. Pfeiffer, EdD, ATC, Boise State University

When athletes become ill or injured during practice or competition, coaches and athletic trainers need to know how to respond. Whether on the court, on the field, at the
pool, or in the gym, coaches and trainers must be prepared to handle the
common injuries and illnesses they will likely encounter while coaching
their sport. Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention
teaches coaches and trainers how to administer basic first aid to sick
and injured athletes as well as well ways to prevent illnesses and
injuries from occurring.

The text includes:

Table of Contents
Chapter  1   Background Information
Chapter  2   Recognizing a Sick or Injured Athlete
Chapter  3   Caring for Sports-Related Illnesses
Chapter  4   Caring for Sports-Related Injuries
Chapter  5   Phases of Injury: The Injury Prevention Model
Chapter  6   Preventing Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses
Chapter  7   CPR and AED

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