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Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide

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    ISBN: 9780763787899
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    First Edition
    ISBN: 9780763787899
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D. Brady Pregerson, MD

Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide is a concise and easy-to-use guide filled with essential resources for physicians, nurses, and EMTs working in an emergency setting. This pocket-sized reference is fully indexed and contains diagrams, maps, tables and graphs as well as many EKG tracings.  This must-have quick reference book features a one-page emergency medical dictionary in 17 foreign languages plus sections on physical exam, diagnostic tests, procedures and sedation, diagnoses, risk management, med-legal and billing, practical advice and much more. 

Table of Contents
Chapter  1  History and Physical Exam
Chapter  2  Tests: EKG, Imaging, and Lab Work
Chapter  3  Procedures and Procedural Sedation
Chapter  4  Diagnosis, Disposition, and Laws
Chapter  5  Risk Management, Med-Legal, and Billing
Chapter  6  Medical Literature, Teamwork, Career, and Wellness
Chapter  7  Resuscitation

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