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The Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling, Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9780763744335
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    Second Edition
    ISBN: 9780763744335
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International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA)

The use of bicycles by police, EMS, and security personnel continues to grow along with increased awareness of the benefits of an extremely mobile team of first responders. While the reasons for implementing a bicycle unit may vary, the goal of each agency is the same: to provide assistance to those who need it as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

In the past, officers and agencies seeking to get a public safety bike unit rolling had to look far and wide to assemble the necessary information.  The Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling, Second Edition is the single comprehensive source of in-depth information on starting a bike unit or enhancing an established bike unit with tactical and technical tips on everything from basic equipment needs to detailed insights on policy, maintenance, training, legal issues, and much more.

The Second Edition features:
  1. All general aspects of public safety cycling such as bicycle types and maintenance, hazard avoidance, skill development, protective equipment, funding, and bike safety education for children
  2. Police-specific equipment, patrol procedures, campus and security operations, and firearms training
  3. Important information on EMS Bike Operations
Features & Benefits
  • Describes how police officers can use the bike as a tactical tool, including dynamic dismounts and suspect contact techniques.
  • Emphasizes the importance of bike-specific firearms training for police and armed security cyclists.
  • Contains a sample EMS special event bike operations plan; offers advice on selecting medical equipment, including lists of suggested equipment and describes ways to use the bike to increase EMS scene safety.
Table of Contents
Section 1: Public Safety Cycling
Chapter 1: A Brief History of Public Safety Cycling
Chapter 2: The Public Safety Bike Unit
Chapter 3: Bicycles
Chapter 4: On-Bike Equipment
Chapter 5: Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment
Chapter 6: Training and Policy
Chapter 7: Fundamental Cycling Skills
Chapter 8: Vehicular Cycling
Chapter 9: Hazards and Crashes
Chapter 10: Continuing Skill Development
Chapter 11: Cycling at Night
Chapter 12: Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs
Chapter 13: Basic Nutrition
Chapter 14: Basic Physical Fitness
Chapter 15: Funding
Chapter 16: Bicycle Safety Education for Children

Section 2: Patrol Operations
Chapter 17: Patrol Equipment
Chapter 18: Patrol Procedures and Tactics
Chapter 19: Firearms Training
Chapter 20: The Bicycle Response Team
Chapter 21: Campus and Private Security Operations

Section 3: EMS Operations
Chapter 22: EMS Bike Teams
Chapter 23: EMS Equipment and Load Placement
Chapter 24: Scene Management and Safety


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