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Wilderness and Rescue Medicine

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    Sixth edition
    ISBN: 9780763789206
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Jeffrey Isaac, David E. Johnson

Wilderness and Rescue Medicine covers the requisite topics from altitude illness to SCUBA and snakebites to frostbite, but the text's most important features are the general
principles that tie the content together. The text highlights the skills
and insight needed to think critically and exercise reasonable judgment
at any level of medical training. Now in its sixth edition, Wilderness and Rescue Medicine reflects the collaborative wisdom of hundreds of instructors, rescue personnel,
and medical practitioners combine with the latest updates in field
medicine. The content will be useful to all medical personnel, but is
aimed at the Wilderness First Responder and the Wilderness Emergency
Medical Technician.

Features & Benefits

  • Case studies
  • Key terms
  • Tip boxes
  • Wilderness Protocols: step-by-step procedures, with images, showing how to perform medical skills in the wilderness
  • Ready for Review at end of each chapters

Table of Contents

Section  I   Preparatory
  Chapter  1   General Principles of Physiology and Pathology
  Chapter  3   Patient Assessment

Section  II
Critical Body Systems
  Chapter  5 The Respiratory Syste

Section  III
Critical System Problems and Treatment
  Chapter  7   Basic and Advanced Life Support
  Chapter  8   Allergy and Anaphylaxis
  Chapter  9   Severe Asthma and RAD
  Chapter  10   Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Section  IV
  Chapter  11   General Principles of Trauma
  Chapter  14   Simple Dislocations

Section  V
Backcountry Medicine
  Chapter  15   Spine Injury
  Chapter  18   An Approach to Illness
  Chapter  20   Chest Pain
  Chapter  21   Gastrointestinal Pain
  Chapter  22   Genitourinary Problems
  Chapter  23   Respiratory Problems

Section  VI  
Environmental Medicine
  Chapter  24   Thermoregulation
  Chapter  25   Cold Injuries
  Chapter  26   Altitude Illness
  Chapter  27   Medical Aspects of Avalanche Rescue
  Chapter  28   Water-Related Problems
  Chapter  29   Lightning Injury
  Chapter  30   Toxins, Envenomations, and Vectors

Section  VII
Roles, Responsibilities, and Technology
  Chapter  31   Expedition Medicine
  Chapter  32   Medical Role in Search and Rescue
  Chapter  33   Appropriate Medical Technology

Section  VIII  

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